Blood Building Nutritional Supplements Can Help with Belly Fat Loss

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Blood is a specialized body fluid that delivers necessary substances to the body's cells — such as nutrients and oxygen — and transports products away from those same cells. Nutritional Blood building supplements help deliver nutrition and get rid of waste. Most Toxins are stored in Belly Fat and other fat cells.

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Blood Cells are suspended in a liquid called blood plasma which comprises 55% of blood fluid, is mostly water (90% by volume), and contains dissolved proteins, glucose, mineral ions, vitamins, hormones, fats, carbon dioxide , platelets and blood cells themselves. The blood cells present in blood are mainly red blood cells which contain hemoglobin which facilitates transportation of oxygen by reversibly binding to this respiratory gas and greatly increasing its solubility in blood. Nutritional blood building supplements would necessitate sufficient iron in the blood .

belly fat pic1 In contrast, carbon dioxide is almost entirely transported extra cellularly dissolved in plasma as bicarbonate ion., an iron containing protein and white blood cells including leukocytes and platelets .White blood cells help to resist infections and parasites.Platelets are important in the clotting of blood. Toxins in the Blood are stored mostly in belly fat.

The body is composed of trillions of cells of which 100 to 150 billion are dying and being replaced daily .The blood plasma brings Nutritional Blood building supplements to the cells and removes waste matter and fat is stored mobelly fat picxstly in belly fat, white blood cells take care of the immune system.

The nutritional value of the food we get today compromises our blood quality and excess calorie intake results in stored belly fat therefore nutritional blood building supplements are needed.
30 years ago there were only a handful of known toxins in the air and water, today there are literally tens of thousands known toxins and how many unknown ? These toxins are breathed eaten and drank into our bodies and subsequently stored mostly in belly fat.

Fruit picked green from the trees, cold storage, irradiation, artificial fertilizers, pesticides, hormones fed to animals for faster growth, this depletion necessitates nutritional blood building supplements . Factories pouring toxins into the air and into the rivers , acid rain and the list goes on and on. This is the reason every person requires nutritional blood building supplements.There is no question as to fact that we need nutritional blood building supplements for effective functioning of the bodies cells and reduction of belly fat.

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The question is :- What nutritional blood building supplements do we need , what Quantity , what Quality (check manufacturers quality tests - Only rely on blood serum testing - phosphorescence testing means nothing) , what absorption (maybe 10% absorbed and the rest eliminated therefore wasting money) this is called bio-availability.We also have to look at foods and their preparation to reduce belly fat.

The most dangerous place fat is stored in our bodies is belly fat, when one undertakes a weight loss program and fat gets released into the system toxins are released from the belly fat cells and the body is so busy getting rid of the toxins released from the belly fat it tells the body, "stop releasing fat until I have eliminated the toxins", the result is a weight loss plateau. There are nutritional blood building supplements that can help eliminate these toxins.

In 1999 the Nobel prize was given for research into the role of Glycoforms (a complex sugar molecule bonded to a protein molecule found on the surface of all cells) . Previously it was thought that sugars (carbohydrates) were used by the body for energy production. It now is evident that certain sugars in glycoforms are used for cell to cell communication. These glyconutrients are the most important nutritional blood building supplements.

Imagine if you were given a telephone number with one missing or incorrect digit , you wouldn't be able to communicate with that person, and so it is with our cells, missing glycoforms means incomplete communication, The body can't send a message to the white blood cells to come and fight this infection ! Compromised immune function results.The body can't communicate the need for nutritional blood building supplements ! Can't call for stem cells to repair a damaged body part ! The body can't communicate release of belly fat !

The protein is present but where is the glyco part (Glyconutrients). Go find a tree/vine ripened fruit to eat ? This is where some of the natural nutritional blood building supplements are found, others are found in Aloe and other vegetables.

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There are 8 essential glyconutrients necessary for nutritional blood building , of which only two are present in our diets , glucose and galactose the other six ( Mannose, Fucose, Xylose, N-acetyl-glucosamine, N-acetyl-galactosamine and N-acetyl-neuraminic acid ) are not available ! These are the core nutritional blood building supplements.When glyconutrients are introduced to the system balance starts happening and automatically belly fat will be eliminated.

There are companies that have packaged a few of these nutritional blood building supplements in their product range but it is hard to assess the quality and absorption , also for for optimum blood building all eight glyconutrients need to be present. If only some of the glyconutrients are taken the essential ones controlling body health and belly fat might be missing.

There is only one company that has patented a process to package all eight glyconutrient nutritional blood building supplements in a totally bio-available (foodstate) form for optimal absorption and our family have used them for the past eight months as a nutritional blood building supplement with great improvement and maintenance of our health. Our belly fat has also reduced.

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Excessive Belly fat is the primary place of storage for males and females, apart from belly fat another place of storage is in cholesterol which lines the arteries thereby constricting them and can lead to a stroke or heart attack.

Belly fat has been clinically proven to cause impaired lung function, diabetes, heart problems, dementia, premature death whether the person was overweight or not. One must take nutritional blood building supplements.